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KitchenKuffs Keep your sleeves up

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Make wet sleeves a thing of the past. KitchenKuffs® are easy to use and perfect for anyone who wants to keep their sleeves clean and dry.

They make a great gift too — especially for those people who are hard to buy for.
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“For those of you who have always rolled up or used rubber bands to keep your sleeves out of the way when cooking, gardening, cleaning, or whatever…you will LOVE these!!! These are without a doubt the best hostess, birthday, or any other holiday gift ever!”
Pattie Heisser, Founder, 50+Fabulous
Great for: Doing dishes Preparing food Gardening
House cleaning Bathing a child Bathing a pet Crafts
Any time long sleeves can get in the way
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KitchenKuffs® Patent US 7921470
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